Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010 

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To All the Shooting Athletes


What fantastic results – 9 Medals, 4 Gold, 3 Silver and 2 Bronze.


Delhi is our 11th Commonwealth Games for shooting and never before has Scotland (shooting) won so many medals!


Well done to all of you competing athletes, this is the most amazing result that Scottish Shooting has had since we started competing in the Commonwealth Games.


It is right that we make a big deal when our athletes win. It is because they represent everything that is good and positive about encouragement, self-belief, participation and most of all about our sport.


Our athletes have won, because they have tested themselves and proved they can do it. They have raised their game, in doing so, raised the expectations, and earned the admiration and respect of all of us.


This is a proud moment for the Scottish Target Shooting Federation. It is an even prouder moment for each of the athletes concerned. We celebrate too their Coaches, Team mates, Team Manager, family and friends who have supported and encouraged the athletes.


Congratulations to Jen McIntosh for not only winning her medals but making a new Games Record, Jonathan Hammond, Neil Stirton, Angus McLeod, Ian Shaw, Shona Marshall and Kay Copland, well done all.


Your success stories and photos are in the national tabloid papers and I believe that is a first, also quite some coverage being shown on the BBC Sport website on iPlayer which is also very positive.


We are really delighted for the medal winners and very proud of all the competitors. Some really good results for most of you and quite a few very close calls, despite not winning a medal!

Enjoy the rest of your visit.

Alex Boyd

13 Oct 2010

Scotland Shooting Medals

                       Gold             Silver          Bronze

                         4                  3                 2

Well done and Congratulations to:

  • Angus McLeod & Ian Shaw – Silver in the Full bore Rifle Pairs

  • Jonathan Hammond – Gold in the Men’s 50m Rifle Prone

Jonathan’s latest medal has also broken Scotland’s Shooting CG Medal win record! in 2 past CG events Scotland has won 7 its 8!

  • Jen McIntosh – Gold and a New Games Record for Women’s 50m Prone Rifle
  • Neil Stirton & Jonathan Hammond – Gold in the Men’s 50m Prone Rifle Pairs
  • Jen McIntosh & Kay Copland -Gold in the Women's Pairs 50m Rifle Prone
  • Shona Marshall - Silver in the Women’s Trap
  • Jonathan Hammond - Silver in the Men’s 50m Rifle 3 Positions
  • Jonathan Hammond & Neil Stirton - Bronze in the Men’s Pairs 50m Rifle 3 Positions
  • Kay Copland & Jen McIntosh - Bronze in the Women’s Pairs 50m Rifle 3 Positions

Jen with her Gold Medal 
& new Commonweath Games Women's 50m Prone Rifle Record 
(she knocked 7 points off the record)! Very well done!

Angus & Ian receiving their Silver Medal for Fullbore Rifle

Jonathan Hammond with his Gold for the 50m Rifle Prone

Neil & Jonathan with their Gold Medals'
for the 50m Men's Prone Rifle Pairs

Jen & Kay with their Gold Medals' 
for the Women's 50m Prone Rifle Pairs


Shona Marshall with her Silver Medal           Jonathan Hammond with his
        for the Womens' Trap                         Silver Medal for 50m Rifle 3P


Jonathan & Neil with their Bronze              Kay & Jen with their Bronze
     for the Mens 50m 3P Pairs                  for the Womens 50m 3P Pairs

above photos courtesy of Donald McIntosh

Click here for CG Delhi website - full results

Click here for BBC Sport report and coverage on iPlayer of Jonathan Hammond's latest Gold Medal

 Wednesday 13th October
Pairs Fullbore Rifle              (21)                
    Stage 2 Stage 3   Total  
    300 500 600 900 100        
1 Can Mike Collins 50-5v 50-6v 50-5v 74-8v 71-5v 295-29v 588-53v  
  John Snowdon 49-4v 49-3v 49-8v 74-6v 72-3v 293-24v    
2 Sco Angus McLeod 50-3v 50-6v 50-5v 73-6v 71-2v 294-22v 587-46x  
  Ian Shaw 50-4v 49-3v 50-6v 71-7v 73-4v 293-24v    
3 Eng Jon Underwood 49-4v 49-4v 50-6v 74-7v 70-4v 292-25v 584-48v  
  Parag Patel 49-3v 50-6v 49-4v 72-6v 72-4v 292-23v    
Fullbore Open                             (42)                
    Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Total
    300 500 600 300 500 600 900 100  
1 Eng Parag Patel      (GR) 34-3v 35-6v 35-3v 49-6v 50-7v 47-6v 73-5v 73-6v 396-42v
2 Aus James Corbett 35-5v 35-4v 35-4v 50-6v 49-5v 50-6v 72-7v 69-3v 395-40v
3 Nir David Calvert 35-2v 35-2v 35-4v 50-8v 50-7v 48-6v 72-5v 68-1v 393-35v
8th                   390-34v
  Angus McLeod of Scotland came in 7th          
  Ian Shaw of Scotland came in 15th            

Wednesday 13th October


50m Men Rifle Prone                  (39)


1          Sco      595 43x            Jonathan Hammond

2          Aus      594 41x             Warren Potent

3          Nir        593 32x             Matthew Hall


8th                      591 36x


Neil Stirton of Scotland came in 5th



Skeet Mens        (29)


1          Eng      121/144+7       Richard Brickell

2          Cyp      120/144+6       Georgios Achilleos

3          Cyp      122/143+6+2   Andreas Chasiko


Drew Christie of Scotland came in 4th (120/143+6+0)

Ian Marsden of Scotland came in 9th



10m Air Pistol Women      (24)


1          Mas      383-10x/481.9    Pei Chin Bibiana

2          Ind        383-17x/481.6    Heena Sidhu

3          Aus      380-9x/478.8      Dina Aspandiyarova


8th                      376-11x


Caroline Brownlie of Scotland came in 15th



25m Standard Pistol Men    (23)


1          Sin       570.0-14x          Bin Gai

2          Tri         563.0-12x          Roger Peter Daniel

3          Ind        559.0- 9x           Samaresh Jung


8th                     549.0-7x


No Scotland Entries


Click here for BBC Sport report and coverage on iPlayer of Jens Gold Medal

Tuesday 12th October


50m Rifle Prone Women           (21)


1          Sco      597-42x  Jen McIntosh         (GR)

2          Ind        594-31x  Tejaswini Sawant

3          Wal       593-33x  Johanne Brekke

8th                     586 30x


Kay Copland of Scotland came in 13th



50m Prifle Prone Men Pairs      (19)

1          Sco      1181-74x           Neil Stirton

                                                Jonathan Hammond


2          Eng      1178-59x           Mike Babb

                                                Richard Wilson


3          Aus      1174-64x           Warren Potent

                                                David Clifton



Intermediate Results

Skeet Mens        (29)


1          Cyp      75         Andreas Chasikos

2          Cyp      74         Georgios Achilleos

3          Aus      73         Clive Barton


Drew Christie of Scotland is currently 7th

Ian Marsden of Scotland is currently 12th



25m Standard Pistol Men Pairs (11)


1          Sin       1116-28x  564-15x         Bin Gai

                                       552-13x        Lip Meng Poh


2          Ind        1103-18x  561-9x           Samaresh Jung

                                       542-9x          Chandrashekar Kumar C


3          Eng      1098-18x  554-6x           Michael Gault

                                       544-12x        Iqbal Ubhi

No Scotland Entries



10m Air Pistol Women Pairs (8)


1          Ind        759-21x  384-12x  97     Heena Sidhu

                                      375-9x   93     Annu Raj Singh


2          Aus      759-21x  384-12x  95     Dina Aspandiyarova

                                     375-9x    95     Pamela McKenzie


3          Can      759-14x  380-10x           Dorothy Ludwig

                                      379-4x            Lynda Hare

No Scotland Entries                


Pairs Fullbore             (21)                
Intermediate Results                  
    Stage 2 Stage 3 Sub      
    300 500 600 900 100 Total      
1 Can Des Vamplow 49-4v 50-3v 50-5v   299-31v    
  Jim Paton 50-5v 50-9v 50-5v          
2 Sco Ian Shaw 50-4v 49-3v 50-6v   299-7v      
  Angus McLeod 50-3v 50-6v 50-5v          
3 Wal Robert Oxford 48-4v 49-5v 50-3v   297-34v    
  Gareth Morris 50-7v 50-8v 50-7v          
Fullbore                             (42)                
Intermediate Results                  
    Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Sub
    300 500 600 300 500 600 900 100 Total
1 Wal Gareth Morris 35-6v 35-2v 35-4v 50-8v 50-3v 50-7v     255-30v
2 Aus James Corbett 35-5v 35-4v 35-4v 50-6v 49-5v 50-6v     254-30v
3 Wal Robert Oxford 35-4v 34-3v 35-4v 50-6v 50-6v 50-5v     254-28v
  Angus McLeod of Scotland - currently 6th          
  Ian Shaw of Scotland - currently 26th            

Click here for BBC News report & coverage on iPlayer of Jen & Kays' Gold Medal

Monday 11th October


Pairs 50m Rifle Prone Women     (10)


1          Sco      591-35x  1169-60x        Jen McIntosh

                        578-25x                       Kay Copland


2          Eng      590-24x  1169-52x        Michelle Smith

                        579-28x                       Sharon Lee


3          Ind        585-23x  1168-45x       Meena Kumari

                        583-22x                      Tejaswini Sawant



Pairs Skeet Men                (12)


1          Cyp      194       100       Georgios Achilleos   (EGR)

                                    94         Andreas Chasikos


2          Can      191       97         Jason Hughes Caswell

                                    94         Richard McBride


3          Eng      191       96         Richard Brickwell

                                    95         Clive Bramley


Ian Marsden & Drew Christie of Scotland came in 7th

Pairs Fullbore             (21)                
Intermediate Results                  
    Stage 2 Stage 3 Sub      
    300 500 600 900 100 Total      
1 Can Des Vamplow 49-4v 50-3v  50-5v     299-31v    
  Jim Paton 50-5v 50-9v  50-5v            
2 Sco Ian Shaw 50-4v 49-3v  50-6v     299-27v    
  Angus McLeod 50-3v 50-6v  50-5v            
3 Wal Robert Oxford 48-4v 49-5v  50-3v     297-34v    
  Gareth Morris 50-7v 50-8v  50-7v            
Fullbore                            (42)                
Intermediate Results                  
    Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Sub
    300 500 600 300 500 600 900 100 Total
1 Wal Gareth Morris 35-6v 35-2v  35-4v 50-8v 50-3v  50-7v     255-30v
2 Aus James Corbett 35-5v 35-4v  35-4v 50-6v 49-5v  50-6v     254-30v
3 Wal Robert Oxford 35-4v 35-3v  35-4v 50-6v 50-6v  50-5v     254-28v
  Angus McLeod of Scotland is currently 6th          
  Ian Shaw of Scotland is currently 26th            

Sunday 10th October


Trap Men                                    (37)

1          Eng      123/147             Aaron Heading      (GR)

2          Aus      122/146 Michael Diamond

3          Ind        123/144+2         Manavjit Singh Sandhu

6th                    120 + 7
8th                    120 + 1


Ossie McLean of Scotland came in 10th

John McDonald of Scotland came in 23rd



10m Air Rifle Women                (17)

1          Sin       398/501.7          Xiang Wei Jasmine Ser

2          Mas      396/497.5          Nur Ayuni Halim

3          Mas      395/496.9          Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi

8th                   391 25x


No Scotland Entries



25m Centrefire Pistol Men        (27)

1          Ind        580 16x             Harpreet Singh

2          Ind        574 20x             Vijay Kumar

3          Sin       574 19x             Lip Meng Poh

8th                    570 12x


No Scotland Entries


Saturday 9th October


Trap Women                             (21) 


1          Eng      71/93                Anita North (GR)

2          Sco      68/91                Shona Marshall

3          Nam     68/88                Gaby Ahrens

6th                    70
8th                    68


Linda Pearson of Scotland came in 10th



50m Rifle 3 Positions Men       (14)


1          Ind        1166/1262.2      Gagan Narang  (GR)

2          Sco      1164/1255.3      Jonathan Hammond

3          Eng      1157/1254.9      James Huckle   

8th                    1136-45x


Neil Stirton of Scotland came in 9th



Pairs 25m Centrefire Pistol Men (13)


1          Ind        1159 45x           Vijay Kumar

                                                Harpreet Singh


2          Nzl        1140 35x          Greg Yelavich

                                                Alan Earle


3          Sin       1139 40x           Bin Gai

                                                Lip Meng Poh

No Scotland Entries



Pairs 10m Air Rifle Women      (8)


1          Mas      793 59x             Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi

                                                Nur Ayuni Halim


2          Sin       790 52x             Xiang Wei Jasmine Ser

                                                Jian Huan Cheng


3          Ind        785 61x             Suma Siddharth Shirur

                                                Kavitha Yadav

No Scotland Entries


Friday 8th October


Pairs 50m Rifle 3 Positions Men    (6)


1          Ind        2325 106x         Gagan Narang         (GR)

                                                Imran Hassan Khan


2          Eng      2308 105x         James Huckle

                                                Kenny Parr


3          Sco      2308 104x         Jonathan Hammond

                                                Neil Stirton



Pairs Trap Women                      (9)


1          Aus      93                     Laetisha Scanlan      (GR)

                                                Stacy Roiall


2          Eng      91                     Abbey Burton

                                                Anita North


3          CAN     90                     Sue Nattrass

                                                Cynthia Meyer


Shona Marshall & Linda Pearson of Scotland came in 6th


Pairs Trap Men                        (16)


1          Aus      198 0x              Michael Diamond  (GR)

                                               Adam Vella


2          Ind        197 0x             Mansher Singh

                                               Manavjit Singh Sandhu


3          Eng      193 0x              Aaron Heading

                                               Dave Kirk


John MacDonald & Ossie McLean of Scotland came in 4th


10m Air Pistol Men                  (28)


1          Ind        584/681.8         Omkar Singh     (EGR)

2          Sin       580/676.2          Bin Gai

3          Aus      575/674.0          Daniel Repacholi


8th                     570 15x


Alan Ritchie of Scotland came in 11th


25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men           (12)


1          Ind        583/787.5          Vijay Kumar         (GR)

2          Mas      576/760.3          Hasil Izwan Amir Hasan

3          Ind        569/758.7          Gurpreet Singh


8th                     557 11x


No Scotland Entries

Thursday 7th October


50m Rifle 3 Positions Women    (17)


1          Aus      575/676.0          Althea Sedgman

2          Sin       571/672.6          Xiang Wei Jasmine Ser

3          Sin       577/671.3          Aqilah Sudhir


8th                     569 17x


Jen McIntosh of Scotland came in 5th

Kay Copland of Scotland came in 11th



Double Trap Men                    (20)


1          Eng      143/190             Stevan Walton     (GR)

2          Ind        139/186 +8        Ronjan Sodhi

3          IoM       140/186 +7+6    Timothy James Kneale


8th                      134     


No Scotland Entries



Pairs 25m Rapid Fire Pistol             (5)


1          Ind        1162 48x           Vijay Kumar         (GR)

                                                Gurpreet Singh


2          Mas      1144 26x           Hasli Izwan Amir Hasan

                                                Hafiz Adzha


3          Aus      1125 27x           Bruce Quick

                                                David Chapman

No Scotland Entries    


Pairs 10m Air Pistol Men               (13)


1          Ind        1163 42x           Omkar Singh       (GR)

                                                Gurpreet Singh


2          Eng      1143 30x           Nick Baxter

                                                Michael Gault


3          Sin       1139 29x           Bin Gai

                                                Swee Hon Lim

No Scotland Entries

Wednesday 6th October

10m Air Rifle Men                    (16)


1          Ind        600/703.6          Gagan Narang         GR

2          Ind        595/698.0          Abhinay Bindra

3          Eng      591/693.5           James Huckle


8th                     588 39x      

Graham Rudd of Scotland came in 11th


25m Pistol Women                  (15)


1          Ind        583/786.8          Anisa Sayyed

2          Sin       576/781.0          Rahi Sarnabat

3          Mas      580/778.2          Pei Cin Bibiana Ng


8th                     565 14x                 

Caroline Brownlie of Scotland came in 14th


50m Pistol Men                        (21)


1          Ind        557/653.6          Omkar Singh

2          Sin       558/649.6          Bin Gai

3          Sin       551/644.7          Swee Hon Lim


8th                     540 4x


Alan Ritchie of Scotland came in 19th


Pairs Double Trap Men            (9)

1          Eng      189                   Steven Scott        GR

                                                Stevan Walton


2          Ind        188                   Asher Noria      

                                                Ronjan Sodhi


3          MAS     185                   Benjamin Cheng Jie Khor

                                                Seng Chve Khor

No Scotland Entries

Tuesday 5th October

Pairs 50m Rifle 3 Position Women    (8)


1          Sin       1149     Agilah Sudhir                  GR

                                    Xiang Wei Jasmine Ser


2          Ind        1143     Tejaswini Sawant

                                    Lajjakumari Gauswami


3          Sco      1142     Kay Copland

                                   Jen McIntosh


Pairs 10m Air Rifle Men   (6)


1          Ind        1193     Abhinav Bindra             GR

Gagan Narang


2          Eng      1174     James Huckle

Kenny Parr


3          Ban      1173     Abdullah Hel Baki

Asif Hossain Khan Md

No Scotland Entries

Pairs 25m Pistol Women   (6)

1          Ind        1156     Rahi Sarnobat              GR

                                    Anisa Sayyed


2          Aus      1146     Linda Ryan

                                    Lalita Yauhleuskaya


3          Eng      1122     Gorgs Geikie

                                    Julia Lydall

No Scotland Entries

Pairs 50m Pistol Men    (9)

1          Sin       1094     Bin Gai

                                    Swee Hon Lim


2          Ind        1087     Deepak Sharma

                                    Omar Singh


3          Tri         1081     Rhodney Richard Allen

                                    Roger Peter Daniel

No Scotland Entries

Scotland Shooting Team
Photo courtesy of Steve Lindridge - iDeal iMages

Photo courtesy of Donald McIntosh 

Above, part of the Achieve 2014 team in Delhi: Rifle coach Sinclair Bruce, Pistol athlete Jess Liddon, Rifle athlete Fraser Cheetham, along with competing rifle athletes, Jen McIntosh & Kay Copland and the Achieve 2014 shooting mentor Susan Jackson.

Shooting schedule is from 5th – 13th October as follows:






Tuesday 5th

Rifle 10m Air Men Pairs

Pistol 50m Men Pairs

Pistol 25m Women Pairs

Rifle 50m 3P Women Pairs











Wednesday 6th

Rifle 10m Air Men

Pistol 50m Men

Pistol 25m Women

Clay Double Trap Men Pairs

Rifle 10m Air Men

Pistol 25m Women

Pistol 50m Men
















Thursday 7th

Rifle 50m 3P Women

Pistol 25m Rapid Fire Men Pairs

Clay Double Trap Men

Rifle 50m 3P Women

Pistol 10m Air Men Pairs

Clay Double Trap Men
















Friday 8th

Pistol 25m Rapid Fire Men

Rifle 50m 3P Men Pairs

Clay Trap Women Pairs

Clay Trap Men Pairs

Pistol 25m Rapid Fire Men

Pistol 10m Air Men

Pistol 10m Air Men

















Saturday 9th

Rifle 10m Air Women Pairs

Pistol 25m Centre Fire Men Pairs

Rifle 50m 3P Men

Clay Trap Women

Clay Trap Men

Rifle 50m 3P Men

Clay Trap Women






Stage 1









Sunday 10th

Rifle 10m Air Women

Pistol 25m Centre Fire Men

Clay Trap Men

Rifle 10m Air Women

Clay Trap Men




Stage 2






Monday 11th

Rifle 50m Prone Women Pairs

Clay Skeet Men Pairs








Tuesday 12th

Pistol 10m Air Women Pairs

Rifle 50m Prone Women

Pistol 25m Standard Men Pairs

Clay Skeet Men

Rifle 50m Prone Men Pairs






Stage 1









Wednesday 13th

Rifle 50m Prone Men

Pistol 10m Air Women

Pistol 25m Standard Men

Clay Skeet Men

Pistol 10m Air Women

Rifle 50m Prone Men

Clay Skeet Men






Stage 2




Press Releases

14 October 2010


Shooting delivers nine medals and top athlete in Delhi

Team Scotland’s shooters have put in a fantastic performance in Delhi, contributing a total of nine medals (four gold, three silver, two bronze) to the team total of 26. In Jonathan Hammond, shooting also lay claim to the most successful athlete in any sport, at a single Games (two gold, silver, bronze).


“I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t something I’d thought about before”, said Jon. “I had a belief that there would be medal opportunities in every event I had, and we prepared for it. Just little things throughout the year like shooting two big matches back to back. It was all in the planning so it’s hugely satisfying when it all works out in your favour.”


Hammond will carry the flag for Scotland at today’s closing ceremony; an honour fitting for his fantastic performance, both as an individual and as a pair with Neil Stirton. Jon will also be joined by shooting colleagues Jen McIntosh and team leader Joan Watt, along with swimmer, David Carry who are also being recognised for their achievements and contribution to Team Scotland.


Jen and David have both put in fantastic performances at the 2010 Games, while Joan has been a devoted member of Team Scotland for many years. Starting as a physio in Edinburgh in 1970, Joan has also worked as a physio for athletics and shooting. She is the team leader for shooting in Delhi, and has played a major part in their success.


Jon narrowly pipped fellow shooter Jen McIntosh, who herself claimed an impressive three medals (two gold, one bronze). Jen also reached some personal targets; particularly winning gold in the 50m prone singles event, which was won by her mother Shirley at the 1994 Games in Victoria. With a world record, equalling performance of 597-42x, Jen also set a new Commonwealth Games record.


Jen is open about the inspiration and encouragement she has received over the years from both her mother and her father Donald. “A big inspiration for me was my mother, and I just want to thank my family and my friends for their support”, she said.


Jon also spoke about the successes of the team as a whole: “It’s been an incredible Games for shooting. Once we got a few medals it was good for morale, he said. “On the rifle side to pick up so many medals, particularly in the 3P was huge. We’ve always been strong in prone and we knew we’d have medal opportunities so that put us in a good frame of mind and maybe lifted a bit of pressure early on. To get four golds out of four in the prone events is just fantastic.


“Shona Marshall in the shotgun event has a medal, and the full-bore guys picked up a medal, so it’s great that we’re contributing as a team. I just wanted to do my best and try to pick up a medal in every one.”


The small-bore rifle team contributed seven medals in total (four gold, one silver, two bronze), which coach Donald McIntosh describes as being “beyond my wildest dreams”.


“Picking up three 3P medals was ahead of my internal target, and we almost had four”, said Donald. “I’m delighted for Shona Marshall, who has grafted so hard over the past few years, pretty much on her own. And the full-bore guys today had a great result.


“We’ve had a lot of support; financial and otherwise from the institute network over the past few years. We’ve had much more financial support over the past few years that we’ve ever had before from sportscotland and it’s delivered.”


Shooting Team Leader Joan Watt, is delighted with the performance of the shooting team out in Delhi and hopes that it will be the cornerstone for further development of the sport in Scotland. “I’m very proud of the whole team”, said Joan. “They’ve all worked so hard, and it’s fantastic to see them getting the praise that they really deserve. It is very good for shooting, and I hope that it will influence the future in terms of facilities and funding.”


It’s a sentiment shared by Donald McIntosh: “I think we can do more. We’ve got some challenges with the programme change coming up. We’re dealing with people being spread across the world. We struggle to train in the winter because we don’t have the facilities. If we can change that then we can do better”!


·         Scotland’s shooters won nine medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games:

o    Gold – 50m prone singles – Jen McIntosh

o    Gold – 50m prone singles – Jon Hammond

o    Gold – 50m prone pairs – Jen McIntosh & Kay Copland

o    Gold – 50m prone pairs – Jon Hammond & Neil Stirton

o    Silver – 50m 3P singles – Jon Hammond

o    Silver – Trap singles – Shona Marshall

o    Silver – Full bore – Ian Shaw & Angus McLeod

o    Bronze – 50m 3P pairs – Jen McIntosh & Kay Copland

o    Bronze – 50m 3P pairs – Jon Hammond & Neil Stirton

·         Shooting was the most successful sport at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, winning 9 medals (4 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze). This is the most medals shooting has ever won at a Games (previous best 7 – 1982 Brisbane & 1994 Victoria).

·         Scotland’s best performing athlete was Jonathan Hammond (small-bore rifle) with 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze.

·         Jon Hammond is Scotland’s best performing athlete in any sport at a single Games.    

Team Scotland reflects on a successful Commonwealth Games


With a total of 26 medals (9 gold, 10 silver, 7 bronze) Team Scotland has celebrated a fantastic 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Only in Melbourne 2006, has Team Scotland won more gold medals (11).


Commonwealth Games Scotland Chairman, Michael Cavanagh said: “When we arrived three and a half weeks ago we knew there were challenges ahead and I’m delighted about how the team has responded to those challenges, resulting in an excellent team performance.”


The sentiment was echoed by Team Scotland Chef de Mission Jon Doig, saying: “I have an immense sense of pride at what our athletes and support staff have achieved here over the last four weeks. I am delighted with the overall team performance and it exceeds our medal target prediction of 18-25.”


It is particularly encouraging to see the successes of younger athletes with 19 of Scotland’s 28 individual medallists competing in their first Commonwealth Games. “I said at the time of the team announcement that Delhi would give an opportunity for new heroes to emerge” said Jon. “We’ve certainly seen that to be the case during the past ten days of competition.” 


It really has been a team effort in Delhi, and athletes have been quick to acknowledge the role played by the team management and support staff. Shooter Jonathan Hammond said: “I have to give a huge thank you to Michael and Jon for all their hard work, and also to the whole support staff. There have been so many people involved to make this happen and make it work.”


Fellow shooter, Jen McIntosh added: “I’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone, the support has been fantastic. I owe all my performances to them, particularly the physios we have been working with.”


With four medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze), Jon Hammond is Scotland’s most successful athlete in any sport at a single Games. Following this fantastic achievement, Jon will carry the saltire for Scotland during this evening’s closing ceremony. Jon will be joined by Jen McIntosh, swimmer David Carry, and shooting team leader, Joan Watt, along with swimmer, David Carry who are also being recognised for their achievements and contribution to Team Scotland.


Jen and David have both performed exceptionally at the 2010 Games, while Joan has been a devoted member of Team Scotland since 1970, as a volunteer, physio and team leader. Jon Doig said: “It gives me great pleasure to announce that our flagbearer will be Jon Hammond. I’m also very proud to be able to offer the opportunity to Joan, who has accepted.” The final place in the party is normally reserved for the Chef de Mission, but Jon has offered it to Joan, to celebrate her devotion to Team Scotland.


Team Scotland is famous for its morale and camaraderie amongst athletes, officials and supporters, with Delhi once again proving that we truly are 17 sports, one team. During competition, athletes have been supported by fellow athletes, support staff and partners. David Carry said: It’s really indicative of how we all get involved and there really is a genuine team atmosphere that I’ve noticed at this competition more than any other.”


David has also been involved in wider Team Scotland operations, particularly with the Achieve 2014 programme, which has given young prospective athletes for Glasgow 2014, with an experience of a major Games environment.


“I got to show the Achieve 2014 kids around the village, and really get involved with their visit. I passed on some of the mistakes I’ve made in the past and some of my lessons”, said David. “I think it’s one of the most impressive programmes that Team Scotland has put in place. To be able to get that experience and information is just amazing for those guys.” 

Once again, the support for Team Scotland from commercial and public sector partners has been fantastic.  

Michael Cavanagh said: “I would also like to pay tribute to both our commercial and public sector partners, in Clydesdale Bank, Emirates Airline and sportscotland. Without their full support we wouldn’t have even got across the start line. I’m delighted that the Leadership Trust put each of our team staff through their leadership programme, which has paid dividends over the last three weeks in the challenges we have faced.”

At the closing ceremony this evening, the Commonwealth Games will officially be handed over to Glasgow who will host the 2014 Games, marking the start of one of the most exciting four years periods ever for Scottish sport.


Jon Doig said: “We are starting to build our plans as we go into one of the most exciting periods in our history, being the host CGA for the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow 2014. We’ve always been an athlete focused team and Glasgow will be an athlete focused Games.”


Despite Delhi only just coming to a close, Jen McIntosh also has her sights firmly set on Glasgow: “The experiences I’ve had out here have been absolutely phenomenal and I’m really looking forward to Glasgow”, she said. “To have the next Games on home ground; I can’t even imagine what that will be like!” 

·         Of the 192 athletes selected to represent Team Scotland, 187 actually participated, following injuries or withdrawals.

·         Team Scotland won a total of 26 medals at the 2010 Commonwealth Games – 9 gold, 10 silver, 7 bronze.

·         Only in Melbourne 2006, has Team Scotland ever collected more gold medals (11).

·         As things stand this morning, Team Scotland looks like finishing 8th overall in the medal table. 

·         28 members of the team won a combined total of 38 medals. There were 10 gold medallists, including two double gold medallists.

·         Seven sports won medals for Team Scotland (Aquatics, Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Shooting, Tennis and Weightlifting).  

·         16 medals were won by men. 9 medals were won by women. 1 medal was mixed.

·         Shooting was the most successful sport at the 2010 Commonwealth Games, winning 9 medals (4 gold, 3 silver, 2 bronze). This is the most medals shooting has ever won at a Games (previous best 7 – 1982 Brisbane & 1994 Victoria).

·         Scotland’s best performing athlete was Jonathan Hammond (small-bore rifle) with 2 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. 

·         Jon Hammond is Scotland’s best performing athlete in any sport at a single Games.   

·         Three sports which didn’t medal in Delhi compared to Melbourne – Badminton, Gymnastics, Lawn Bowls.  

·         Scotland won the first ever Commonwealth Games mixed doubles, tennis competition (Joss Rae & Colin Fleming).

·         19 of the 28 medallists were competing in their first Commonwealth Games (Jennifer McIntosh, Kay Copland, Charlene Joiner, Jenny Davis, Cameron Brodie, Lewis Smith, Jak Scott, Lauren Smith, Jonathan Hammond, Sean Fraser, Steph Twell, Michael Jamieson, Eilidh Child, David Millar, Joss Rae, Colin Fleming, Callum Johnson, Josh Taylor and Angus McLeod). 

·         Six medallists have competed for Scotland at the Commonwealth Youth Games, demonstrating the importance of this event. (Peter Kirkbride, Robbie Renwick, Jennifer McIntosh, Kay Copland, Andrew Hunter, Hannah Miley) 

·         Four athletes are repeat medallists (Robbie Renwick, Neil Stirton, Andy Hunter, David Carry) 

·         Scotland’s flagbearer for the closing ceremony is decided by the general team management, based on nominations from individual sports.

13 October


Scotland’s Shooters on the mark again with Gold and Silver

It was another fantastic day for Team Scotland’s shooters at both ranges as the team collected another gold and silver medal to add to their collection. Jon Hammond picked up where he left off yesterday to collect gold in the 50m prone event, while full bore shooters Angus McLeod and Ian Shaw won silver in the pairs competition.


Jon shot well yesterday and put in another strong performance today, only dropping five shots to score of 595-43x. There was a tricky wind at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range today, but Jon dealt with it well to beat off Australia’s Warren Potent into second place.


After collecting his fourth medal of the Games, Jon said: “It was just a great day. Yesterday was fantastic, winning the pairs with Neil. Today I just wanted to have a good match and see what happened. I would have been pretty delighted just to have got a medal and come away with a medal in each event. To win it and to beat Warren in the final, who one of the best shooters in the world; is really satisfying.”


Donald McIntosh, small bore coach for Team Scotland was delighted with Jon’s performance, and the successes of the shooting team as a whole. “It was a fantastic performance from Jon today”, said Donald. “He had a great qualifying round in tricky wind, next to Warren Potent, who has been in the top two or three in the world for the last five years. He put in a great performance and increased his lead in the final, in what was a world class performance from Jonathan today.”


“We’ve had a lot of support; financial and otherwise from the institute network over the past few years. We’ve had much more financial support over the past few years that we’ve ever had before from sportscotland and it has delivered.”


Jon’s pairs partner Neil Stirton also shot well today, and narrowly missed out on a medal, coming fifth in the final with a score of 592-31x.


On the full-bore range at the CRPF Campus, Kadarpur Angus McLeod and Ian Shaw completed the pairs competition, to come second with a score of 587-46v. There have been technical equipment challenges at the full bore range throughout the competition, but the Scots battled well to take silver, just one point behind New Zealand. It’s the first medal for Team Scotland in the full-bore competition since 1982 in Brisbane.


The two shooters were delighted with the result, with Ian saying: Ian “I’m relieved to have won the silver. We just missed out last time round, when we finished fourth so it’s great to get a medal here. We missed out on first by a point and a couple of v scores.”


It’s been a long week of competition for the full bore shooters in the Delhi sun, but Angus says the preparation has paid off: “It’s been four years of training to get to this point”, he said. “The heat hasn’t actually affected either of us too much; in fact we’ve become quite accustomed to it. What it has affected; is at long range the visibility has been poor. Sometimes it was almost impossible.”


Drew Christie and Ian Marsden shot in the final stage of the skeet singles competition where they finished fourth (143) and ninth (116) respectively. Caroline Brownlie also competed in the 10m air pistol event, finishing 12th in the qualification round on 367-5x.


Action at both ranges concluded today, with nine of Team Scotland’s medals, including four gold, being awarded to shooters, making them the top performing sport at the 2010 Games.


Shooting team leader Joan Watt said: “I’m very proud of the whole team. They’ve all worked so hard, and it’s fantastic to see them getting the rewards that they really deserve.”

Tuesday 12th October


Scotland’s sharp shooters take double Gold

Jen McIntosh, Neil Stirton and Jonathan Hammond took gold for Scotland in another enthralling day of action at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range. Fresh from winning gold in the 50m prone pairs competition yesterday; Jen took the singles competition with another fantastic performance. Not to be outdone by the girls, Neil and Jon also picked up gold in the 50m prone pairs competition.


Jen was first on the range this morning, where she put in an exemplary performance to take the gold. Only dropping three points during the entire match, Jen equalled the world record, and set a new Commonwealth Games record of 597-42x. Beating Carolyn Quigley's Games record of 590, set in 1998. Following her shoot, Jen couldn’t contain her excitement at claiming her second gold of the Games: “It went more than according to plan today. I’m absolutely stunned. I don’t think I have the words for it; it’s just incredible.”


“I wasn’t really aware of where I was in the medal standings but I knew how well it was going. I finished in around 30 minutes, and at that point only two girls were capable of matching me. After about five minutes they had dropped enough, and I got to relax!”


This medal has a particular significance to Jen, whose mother Shirley won the event at the 1994 Games in Victoria. Jen spoke to her mum shortly after finishing: “my mum called to say how proud she was of me”, she said.


With two gold medals around her neck in her first Games, Jen says she couldn’t really pick her favourite: “I don’t really know how to differentiate between the two. Yesterday was great because I got to share the moment with Kay in the pairs, which is something that you don’t get to do all that often in shooting. This one is really special though.”


Neil Stirton and Jonathan Hammond picked up bronze last week in the 50m 3P pairs event, and were once again on the podium in the 50m prone pairs. With a combined score of 1181-74x the Scots took gold, three points ahead of England. This was a sweet revenge for Neil and Jon, having lost out on silver to England by a single inner ten score in the 3P competition.


Jon now has a full set of medals from the 2010 Games, which is a fantastic achievement. “It was a tricky day today with the wind, and all the scores were a bit lower than we were expecting”, said Jon. “We had to fight through it and I’m glad we came out on top. It’s great to have gone up one step at a time. To collect a full set of medals at my first Commonwealth Games is really special and it’s something I’ll cherish forever.”


Jon and Neil will compete again tomorrow in the 50m prone singles competition, where they’ll be looking to hear ‘Flower of Scotland’, played one last time at the small-bore range. 

Sebastion Coe inspires Team Scotland and Glasgow 2014

Sebastian Coe was a visitor to Scotland House in New Delhi on Tuesday, urging Team Scotland’s medallists “to encourage thousands of kids to take up sport,” and telling athletes from the Achieve 2014 initiative that their experience in Delhi can act “as a stepping stone to a medal in Glasgow 2014.”


Lord Coe, chair of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games (LOCOG), also highlighted the close links between Glasgow 2014 and London 2012, which he joked would be “a test event for 2014.” 


And the double Olympic gold medallist reminded all those involved in Glasgow 2014 that, following Thursday’s closing ceremony, “you’re the next taxi off the rank” - an experience with which he is familiar, with London having taken over as next Olympic host city after Beijing in 2008. 


“With the handing over of the flag,” Lord Coe told the Glasgow 2014 organisers, “you’ll notice that your preparations, your pace, and the scrutiny and interest around the [Commonwealth] Games, will quicken. 


“I’m delighted that our organisations work as closely as they do,” he continued, “and we’ve done so from the very beginning. I remember standing in our own headquarters in Canary Wharf on the day [Glasgow] won the right to stage the Games. I remember all our teams standing twenty-deep around televisions, and there was genuine excitement.


“It’s really important that these organisations work together. We have a complementary interest here, and that is legacy. It’s really important to go on driving young people into sport. Every medal is and should be used to drive thousands more kids into sport.”


Addressing Team Scotland’s medallists, including swimming gold medallist Hannah Miley, Lord Coe added: “It’s not just about being here with a medal; there’s now some responsibility to get back into your communities and inspire people. It’s a virtuous circle.”


In addition to the medallists, young athletes from the Achieve 2014 programme were in attendance. Thirty athletes, in three groups, have travelled to Delhi to experience the athletes’ village and venues, to give them a taste of a multi-sports games.


“I’m delighted you’ve got the Achieve 2014 programme up and running,” said Lord Coe. “I know myself, from my own experiences, that the ability to absorb the atmosphere of a multi-sports event is really as important a part of that competition process as being out there on the track. 


“It’s not the same as going off to an individual event, no matter how important that event is,” he added. “This is a really big learning process. This could just make the difference between appearing in 2014 and getting a medal in 2014, and I would urge you to really use this as a stepping stone.”


John Scott, chief executive of Glasgow 2014, said that Lord Coe’s visit to Scotland House was “an example of the co-operation [between London 2012 and Glasgow 2014] in practice.”


Turning to the athletes, Scott reiterated that the Glasgow Games would be “about you guys - it’s all about the sport. Seb has made that very clear as chair of 2012, and we share that ambition.”


Thursday’s closing ceremony will, said Scott, represent “our big occasion, because that’s when we pick up the flag and move forward towards the next Commonwealth Games. We want our athletes to focus on our handover piece, when we will invite the Commonwealth, and indeed the world, to come to Glasgow and enjoy what we aspire to deliver, which is an outstanding Games.”


Though the handover piece remains shrouded in secrecy until Thursday evening, Scott promised that Glasgow’s contribution to the closing ceremony would be “an interesting, classic, fantastic piece of creativity from Scotland.”


Monday 11th October

Prone to Success – Jen McIntosh and Kay Copland take Shooting Gold

Jennifer McIntosh and Kay Copland took gold in the 50m prone pairs event at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, adding to the bronze won in the 50m 3P pair’s competition. The Scottish pair pipped England into second place with a score of 1169-60x.


Jen and Kay missed out on silver by a single point last week, and once again their medal colour was determined on the last shot. Jen was one of the first shooters to finish on the range, leaving her the agonising task of watching her partner complete.


Going into the final shot, a ten would draw them level on points with England, but would be enough to give them gold due to their higher inner tens score (60 to 52). Kay said: “It came down to the last few shots between us and England, and if I’d dropped any of my shots then we’d have come in second but thankfully I kept them all in the ten ring.”

“It was nail-biting again for me watching Kay”, said Jen. “I was just thinking oh my god! The result is absolutely fantastic. I can’t really find the right words to describe it. I’m just over the moon.”


Jen’s father and coach, Donald McIntosh spoke of his pride at the pair’s achievement. “I’m thrilled to bits with the two of them. Jen shot really well. It was a really controlled performance and I’m really happy with that. Kay had a bit of a tough time with the wind, which was a bit of a surprise because she’s a very experienced and very tough wind shooter. One thing about these Commonwealth Games pairs is that you don’t know what anyone else is doing, and every point matters. She dug in and finished with three tens, which was what she needed to take gold”.


Kay and Jen shoot in their final event tomorrow (12 October) in the singles prone competition, where they will both be vying for another gold. Gold tomorrow would be especially sweet for Jen, whose mother Shirley won the first event at the 1994 Victoria Games.I’m trying not to think about that too much”, said Jen. “I really want to win it, but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

Despite collecting two medals so far at the 2010 Games, both girls insist they’ll try to forget about them both during tomorrow’s final match. “For me it’s a totally different match”, said Kay. “I go into every match thinking I can do this and I see every day as a new day.” Jen admitted she could struggle to put the past week behind her but says she needs to if she wants another medal: “I’ll have to try and blank it out of my mind, and try to calm down and focus for tomorrow.”

Donald is hungry for more medals and is busy preparing the pair for tomorrow: “They need to go and get their heads together. Jen is coming off the back of a great score and Kay is coming off the back of what was a relatively poor score for her, so there’s conflicting emotions. Our job is to get them rested, and get their heads in the right place for them to have a crack at it tomorrow.”

Team Scotland’s shooters have now collected medals in five events at the 2010 Games, with two days left of competition.


Stuart Mackenzie

Team Scotland Press Attaché

7th October
Graham Rudd competed in the 10m Air Rifle qualification round but missed out on a place in the afternoon shoot-off, finishing 11th. Pistol shooters Alan Ritchie and Caroline Brownlie also missed out on final spots after finishing 19th in the 50m and 14th in the 25m precision qualification rounds respectively.

Pairs bronze medallists Jennifer McIntosh and Kay Copland will face one another in the 50m 3P singles event from 0900hrs local time. 

McIntosh and Copland score Bronze for Scotland (5th October)

Jennifer McIntosh and Kay Copland picked up Scotland’s second bronze medal of the 2010 Games, in a tense session at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range. The pair competed together in the 50m three position women’s pairs event in humid Delhi conditions, finishing third behind Singapore and India.  


The results came down to the final shot of the competition with Kay; the sole remaining shooter on the range, needing a ten to secure silver for Scotland. A ten would have moved the pair level with India on points, but would have been enough to take them ahead due to their higher inner ten score, however she scored a nine and they had to settle for bronze.


After picking up her first Commonwealth Games medal Jen, 19 said: “I’m obviously delighted to have won a medal, though it’s a bit disappointing to come away with bronze rather than silver or gold. It’s tough, particularly when it came down to that last point.”


Kay added: "I'm really happy with the result. I had no idea it was so close, but it's a great feeling to come away with a medal."


McIntosh was one of the first shooters to complete all three positions, leaving her with the unenviable task of watching her partner finish. It was a tense half hour with the medal places changing after almost every shot.


It was absolutely terrifying watching Kay shoot that last sequence”, said Jen. “It’s always the worst part for me”. Despite being alone in action, Kay was aware that there could be a lot riding on her last few points: “It was running through my head that there could be just a few points between gold; silver, bronze and fourth, but I was trying not to think about it too much. The thought of it maybe just got a bit too much today for my last shot.”


Shooting is predominantly an individual sport, so the opportunity to compete alongside compatriots is a rarity. The girls will face one another in the both the 50m prone and 3 position singles events, but say that their rivalry is confined to the range.


“Me and Jen are good friends”, says Copland. “We make sure that what happens on the range stays on the range. The minute we walk off it all goes back to normal and there’s no competition between us.”


Jen’s dad and coach, Donald McIntosh was proud of the pair’s performance, saying: “It was a pretty tough day and the scores are actually pretty low. The girls fought well through the wind and came away with a medal which is great. There was the pressure of the occasion to deal with as well and a level of expectation about medals. There was plenty of adrenaline flowing between the two of them today.”


Both Jen and Kay will be back in action on Thursday in the 50m 3P singles event.



The Team left for Delhi today (25th September).  Spirits were high at the airport and the team received quite a lot of media attention with some of the athletes giving serveral interviews.
Here's wishing everyone a wonderful experience and best of luck!

Click here for a copy of the Shooting Events Schedule
 Shooting Athletes Announced
20th August 2010


Commonwealth Games Scotland (CGS) today named the 191 athletes (108 men and 83 women) selected for Team Scotland to compete at the XIX Commonwealth Games in Delhi, India, 3-14 October 2010.


The team size is comparable with that selected for Manchester at 193 and is significantly bigger than the 166 selected for Melbourne despite rigorous selection standards being upheld.


Scotland will be participating in 16 out of the 17 sports on the Games programme (not netball). There are also some new sports on the programme in tennis and women’s wrestling and archery makes a long awaited return to the Games.


Overall Team  - 282  

Total Athletes - 191 (not including team reserves)

Total Officials -  91 (Sports officials & Support staff – 63 listed with each sport)


The Team Scotland Shooting Team are as follows ......

Congratulations and well done!



Events selected for

Born – Lives in

Drew Christie

Skeet Individual & Pairs


Jonathan Hammond

Smallbore, 3P & Prone, Individual & Pairs

Aberdeen/West Virginia

John MacDonald

Trap Individual & Pairs

Fort William/Fort William

Ian Mardsen*

Skeet Individual & Pairs


Osmond McLean

Trap Individual & Pairs


Angus McLeod

Fullbore Individual & Pairs


Alan Ritchie

10m Air Pistol & 50m Pistol Individual


Graham Rudd

10m Air Rifle Individual


Ian Shaw

Fullbore Individual & Pairs


Neil Stirton

Smallbore, 3P & Prone, Individual & Pairs


Caroline Brownlie

10m Air Pistol, 25m Pistol, Individual

Edinburgh/Bishops Waltham

Kay Copland

Smallbore, 3P & Prone, Individual & Pairs


Shona Marshall

Trap Individual & Pairs


Jennifer McIntosh

Smallbore, 3P & Prone, Individual & Pairs


Linda Pearson

Traps Pairs


Joan Watt

Team Leader

Donald McIntosh

Head Coach (Rifle)

Alan Maboon

Fullbore Coach

Iain MacGregor

Clay Target Coach


Congratulating all members of Team Scotland, Michael Cavanagh, Chairman, CGS, said: “Our selection process has been rigorous and robust throughout, and although the standards set have been tough, our athlete’s have clearly risen to the challenge as shown by the increase in the numbers achieving them since the last Games. I would like to thank the participating governing bodies of sport, which have worked closely with us to ensure that the process has been successfully and fairly implemented”

“However making the team is just the first step on the journey now will come the real test for the athletes of performing to their potential in Delhi. With just 46 days to go until the start of the Games I wish everyone all the very best with their final preparations and I look forward to watching them in action in October.”


Also at the announcement to extend her good wishes to the team, was Minister for Public Health and Sport Shona Robison who said: “I wish all the athletes selected to represent Team Scotland at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi the very best of luck.  All of these athletes have reached this point through sheer hard work, dedication and commitment and are an inspiration to us all”

“The 2010 Games is a perfect platform for our athletes to demonstrate their talent and ability on the international sporting stage.  The Games will also provide experience for those who have aspirations to compete for Scotland in front of a home crowd when Glasgow hosts the Games in 2014.  I am looking forward to going to Delhi to support the team and I’m sure I will witness some outstanding performances.”


The athletes will be supported by a staff of 91, comprising team management, coaches, medical and sports science support, including doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, physiologists and performance analysts many of whom work with athletes on a day to bay basis through the sportscotland institute of sport network.


Louise Martin CBE, Chair of sportscotland said: “On behalf of sportscotland I would like to congratulate each of the athletes selected to represent Team Scotland at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. sportscotland is committed to the continual development of high performance sport in Scotland through our investment in governing bodies of sport and Commonwealth Games Scotland as the lead body for Commonwealth sport in Scotland. We also provide support and expertise to sport and athletes through the sportscotland institute of sport network.

The Commonwealth Games holds particular significance for Scotland, being the only major Games, where we compete as a nation in our own right. This is even more important as we prepare to host the Games, in Glasgow 2014. There have been some fantastic performances by Scottish athletes in the run up to Delhi, and I am sure that they will do us all proud come the Games in October.”

Extending their best wishes to the team, Steve Reid, Retail Director, Clydesdale Bank said: “Representing Team Scotland, wearing the team colours and competing under the Saltire flag is I'm sure one of the proudest moments of each of your careers. On behalf of Team Scotland partners, Clydesdale Bank I want to wish you every success in the challenges that lie in wait for you during the 19th Commonwealth Games in Delhi. Good luck and best wishes from everyone at the Clydesdale Bank.”


The first team departure for the Games will be on 23 September from Glasgow Airport flying with Emirates Airlines, one of the team’s main sponsors.


General Team Management - 12

Jon Doig

Vicky Strange

Gina Logan

Leslie Roy

Adrian Lear

Adrienne Sunderland

Catherine Goodfellow

Katriona Bush

Frances Bonner

Lorna Campbell

Peter Dean

Stuart MacKenzie

Chef de Mission

General Team Manager

Assis GT Manager (Village)

Assis GT Manager (Transport & Logistics)

Athlete Liaison Officer

Office Manager

Office Administrator

Head of Media and PR

Media Officer

Media Officer

Media Officer

Media Officer

  Media Officer

Medical - 16

Dr Niall Elliott 

Dr Catriona Boyle

Dr Jane Dunbar

Dr John Maclean

Dr Alastair Nicol

Dr David Pugh

Lindsay Thomson

Maggie Bush    

Fiona Cameron

Lesley Dawson

Maggie Hendry

Sandi Lyall

Neil Maclean-Martin

Stephen Mutch

Luke Smith

Karen Young

Head Doctor-Head of Medical Services






Head Physiotherapist/ Deputy Head of Medical Services











For full details of all sports and selected athletes’ click on this link ... Here

Commonwealth Games 2010 Athlete Nomination Policy 

   Click here for the Selection Policy Document

Team Manager - Commonwealth Games 2010

Scottish Target Shooting, in conjunction with Commonwealth Games Scotland, are delighted to have appointed Joan Watt as Sport Team Manager for Shooting at the Delhi 2010 Commonwealth Games. 


Joan fulfilled the same role at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne and brings a wealth of experience with her.


A chartered Physiotherapist Joan has contributed to Scottish Commonwealth Games teams in her role as physiotherapist at each Games since 1982, was Senior Physiotherapist in 1994 and Joint Head Physiotherapist in 1998. 

Joan has also served as lead physiotherapist at Olympic Games, World and European Championships for Athletics and Shooting amongst other sports and was instrumental in establishing the British Sports Massage Association.  

Joan is a former Chairperson of Scottish Athletics and has servied as honorary medical advisor on the board of Commonwealth Games Scotland since 2003 and is also part of the STSF council.


Commonwealth Games Programme Changes


At the Commonwealth Games Federation Assembly (Nov 2007) in Sri Lanka a number of changes to the Commonwealth Games programme have been agreed:

With immediate effect, Women's Skeet and Women's Double Trap have been removed from the programme.

This change is as a direct consequence of low participation levels at the 2002 and 2006 Games in these events. 

Women's Skeet remains an Olympic event, and Scottish Target Shooting will continue to support athletes in this event who are pursuing Great Britain team selection.

From effect from 2014, with the exception of Fullbore Rifle, all of the Pairs events, and the non-Olympic individual events, are to be removed from the programme.  

The non-Olympic events are Women's 50m Prone Rifle - an event in which Scotland has won three Gold, two Silver and two Bronze medals since 1994 - Men's 25m Standard Pistol and Men's 25m Centre Fire Pistol.  

All three of these events have attracted considerably higher numbers of participants than a number of the Olympic events which are retained, and the Women's Prone decision in particular will mean that for the first time ever, Women will be unable to compete in the Prone event at the Commonwealth Games.


Scottish Target Shooting is fully committed to working with our partners and colleagues across the Commonwealth to appeal these decisions


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