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We have updated the Flyer which outlines the benefits of a unified shooting body in Scotland.

Summary Proposal


We have create a document which answers some of the questions regarding the unification of the shooting bodies in Scotland.

Unification FAQ


Historically Scottish Target Shooting was established and funded by sportscotland to identify athletes with the potential to represent Scotland in the various disciplines at the Commonwealth Games and provide them with the support needed to fulfil their potential.


As athletes from the various disciplines in the sport have continued to succeed on the international stage, the governing body has turned its attention to the grass roots elements to ensure this success can be continued long into the future and the sport can thrive at all levels in Scotland.


To achieve this, Scottish Target Shooting is now focusing its activities, planning and limited resources to develop sustainable clubs, well trained volunteers and well supported coaches and officials to ensure continued and growing participation in the sport for generations to come.


However, for this to happen the sport needs to go through considerable change, determining the best structure to support the long term development of the sport while at the same time seizing short term opportunities to build momentum and start the process of developing the grassroots.


The Rationale for Unification document below is the outcome of a meeting between all four associations in Dunblane in October 2012 and outlines the vision for the future. Over the course of the next 12 months the operational detail behind this vision will be explored in consultation with all four associations and other relevant partners and when ready, more detail will appear on this page.



Rationale for Unification


The full rationale document can be found here




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